Kenneth Norman Haglind Discusses How Minnesota Hospice Goes Above and Beyond in Providing Hospice Care

Ken Haglind

August 12, 2020

President of Minnesota Hospice Kenneth Norman Haglind discusses how Minnesota Hospice goes above and beyond for patients and their families.

Minnesota Hospice is a community medical practice designed to provide the best end of life care for patients and families across the southern Twin Cities suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Kenneth Haglind recently discussed just what makes Minnesota Hospice the outstanding, award-winning organization that it is and why patients should opt for care from this organization when battling life-limiting illnesses.

“Minnesota hospice is committed to providing the quickest response to every patient’s needs,” Kenneth Norman Haglind said. “We will admit patients into hospice 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These admissions can begin just a few hours after receiving an order.”

Kenneth Haglind explained that the team at Minnesota Hospice is always ready to serve patients and their families. They will respond in person during after hours and on weekends. Patients see the same core team of caregivers throughout the course of their care, creating compassionate relationships that help the patient and family feel more at ease.

Kenneth Norman Haglind (36)Kenneth Norman Haglind added that Minnesota Hospice goes above and beyond through holistic approaches to care that encompass symptom and pain management. However, unlike some other hospice organizations, this isn’t where Minnesota Hospice stops. The care continues through spiritual and emotional support that’s tailored to meeting the needs of every patient and their caregivers. Ken Haglind explained that this organization is designed to preserve dignity while providing love and compassion at the end of life, and that’s what we do every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

“At Minnesota Hospice, we don’t just use traditional pain and symptom relief practices,” Kenneth Haglind said. “We utilize integrative therapies to enhance the patient’s quality of life and comfort. If there’s a new, effective way of improving a patient’s life, we don’t hesitate to incorporate it into our practices.”

Ken Haglind added that one way this can be seen is through the Minnesota Hospice organization’s registration with the State of Minnesota to provide medical cannabis to patients. Medical cannabis can be highly effective in managing symptoms of certain diseases, and Minnesota Hospice is able to provide it if desired. This is just one way the organization is open and willing to innovate its processes to improve the lives of patients.

Kenneth Norman Haglind added that Minnesota Hospice has received several awards for providing outstanding community hospice services. These include but are not limited to the Fazzi Associates 2019 Award of Distinction as a top 25 hospice provider in the country and the 2019 Best of Lakeville award in the category of hospice. Ken Haglind emphasizes that patients and their families will immediately see the benefits of choosing Minnesota Hospice for compassionate and dedicated end-of-life care.