Kenneth Haglind of Minnesota Hospice Explains How Minnesota’s We Honor Veterans Program Helps Veterans Get Higher Quality Care

Ken Haglind

May 1, 2020

Kenneth Haglind of Minnesota Hospice

Kenneth Haglind, President of Minnesota Hospice explains the importance of Minnesota’s We Honor Veterans Program and how it helps veterans receive top-notch care.

Veterans often suffer from health issues that are different from those of Americans who have not served in the armed forces. These issues can be linked to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), certain ailments acquired in battle, and more. Kenneth Haglind of Minnesota Hospice praises the “We Honor Veterans Program” for its ability to provide specialized hospice training care to these veterans in need.

“These veterans need and deserve hospice care that’s tailored to their individual situations,” Ken Haglind says. “We owe it to them to accommodate their needs and always make them feel as safe as possible with us.”

Kenneth Haglind states that PTSD can cause veteran hospice patients to seek isolation or attempt to avoid difficult memories. The patient’s need for personal control and time alone may conflict with what hospice care professionals are expected to do. Fortunately, the “We Honor Veterans” program is equipped with healthcare professionals specialized in the needs of veterans. Ken Haglind explains they understand that what veterans face at the end of life is often different from other patients, and they know how to provide comfort and care without crossing boundaries.

The “We Honor Veterans” program and its healthcare staff are focused on far more than healthcare. Kenneth Haglind of Minnesota Hospice states that the organization was founded to provide compassionate listening, acknowledgment, and respectful inquiry for these patients who have led different, and often more difficult, lives than many other patients. These hospice care professionals will spend hours listening to stories and acknowledging the importance of these veteran lives.

“This program is equipped with people who fully understand the needs of veterans,” Ken Haglind says. “They also understand that the families of veterans may have added difficulties caring for their loved ones as well. This program accommodates those caregivers too.”

Kenneth Haglind states that “We Honor Veterans” is a part of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. It works in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs to reach patients throughout Minnesota and the country.

“We believe that veterans deserve the highest level of healthcare, and the ‘We Honor Veterans’ program is providing that in terms of hospice care,” Ken Haglind says. “We are honored to be able to serve our veterans and their families.”